Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet Brenna Smith

Hey there, my name is Brenna Smith and I am 23 years old. I have many hobbies and interests which include listening to classic rock music, watching old classic movies, dirt biking, riding horses, and most recently skydiving!! At the top of that list, however, comes scrapbooking!

I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago when I moved away to college and wanted to make a 'special gift' for my best friend back home. I stepped into a world that I had no idea exhisted!! Today I have more scrapbooking materials than can fit in my tiny apartment. I am constantly finding those red, static pieces of plastic from the back of the two tape ALL over the house. I was having a conversation with my boyfriend the other day, trying not to stare at the piece of red plastic on his face... :)

I would say that my style changes from project to project but I like to think that my art is always a little 'outside of the box.' Clusters are my new thing! What a great way to use a wide variety of materials in your pieces! Chipboard and paper are my vices for sure...I have had some pieces of paper for YEARS! They're simply too nice to use... hmm, are you thinking new years resolution?? If you've seen some of my pages in the store, you may notice the abundance of clusters and chipboard :)

I look forward to sharing my many many ideas with people who appreciate what a great hobby scrapbooking is! Can't wait to get started on some challenging and exciting projects!

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