Monday, October 3, 2011

Designer Tutorial

With all the oh-so beautiful patterned paper out there, it can be so simple to buy an entire line of paper, make a layered page and end up with scraps that you hold onto forever! Today I'm showing you a quick example of a page that only uses 1 piece of paper and one small scrap piece. The rest of the page comes to life with embellishments (both hand made and bought) as well as inks, ribbon and a little creativity. I LOVE the result!! White space can have great impact and make your layout pop. To avoid it looking incomplete or a little 'ho-hum' I've used two shades of tattered angels mists to create some visual appeal.
The key to using lots of embellishments in a cluster is to counter your one large grouping with a smaller one at a proper angle. The page would look wrong if it were a-simetrical (with two clusters directly opposite each other.) I used dark ink on the edges of my paper to ground them and really colour coordinated the embellishments in my clusters to ensure the page flows nicely.
*I hope this has brought you some inspiration and encouraged you to use up your lovely embellishments without the need to buy 12 coordinating papers ;) Until next time, Designer Brenna

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