Sunday, September 23, 2012

Get Organized, Get Cropping

If you're anything like me, the night before Elgin's crop you'll be tossing random tools, embellishments, papers and piles of photos into a suitcase or numerous rubbermaid bins and hoping you've got the right stuff to be able to crop your little heart out and create some amazing projects. I wont lie; on more than one occasion I have been pulling my own hair, unable to believe I  forgot my cutter, or adhesive or ALL the photos I intended to scrap.... oh boy. Not this year! It's Sunday night, the crop is one week away and I have compiled a short list of organization tips and links to make your crop day as fun and efficient as possible:

Pick a Theme - Focus on one particular project you're going to work on. Example: Christmas cards and Holiday pages only. Or vacation and travel pages only.  One child or one event. This way you can avoid bringing every single stamp and piece of paper you own just because you 'Might' need it!

Print Your Photos NOW - I've done this myself and I've witnessed others do it too. Making a trip to Walmart pre-crop only to get to the arena and find out you're really uninspired by the usb you decided to print from. Worse yet? The photos all turned out dark and you need to go back and sort things out with the photo lab. Avoid that stress, avoid that blood boiling and deflating moment by sitting down on Monday night, sending your photos to the shop and picking them up by Wednesday. This way, if you change your mind about what you want to scrap, you've still got a few days to do it!

Bring & Sort Inspiration - Do a little research first. Here are some blogs where you can find some great sketches that you can print out or bookmark on your smartphone. If you happen to find yourself with 'scrappers-block' you can turn to these maps for inspiration. Here are a few links: and Nothing wrong with a little scrap-lifting! I always pack a few issues of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine, and Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine to get my creative juices flowing.

If you've got any extra ideas that make you a savvy 12 hour cropper, please leave a suggestion in our comments section. We'd love to hear all of your crafty and organized ideas. Looking forward to Saturday and looking forward to being prepared...for once! ~Designer Brenna

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