Monday, May 21, 2012

"SMASH' more!

Hello everyone! Designer Brenna here just dropping in to wish you all a happy long-weekend!
The weather has been so spectacular that I truly did not step foot inside my scrap room for the last three days.
Now that it is winding down and I can hear a spattering of rain on the roof, I am drawn to my crafts. Amazingly I don't have too many photos to scrap right now so I am going to do some tidying up. I want to finally get all those odds & ends, bits & bobs, scraps and treasures tucked away into my SMASH books.
I'm actually pretty disappointed at how little I have worked with them. I have a tonne of the great accessories that go with them and have really not put much together... Well here's a start! A handmade valentines card from Richard that I've been holding onto because..well.. its adorable! What can I say? Haha. I'd love to hear what everyone else has been adding to their SMASH books. Need inspiration? Check out this blog:
Happy weekend!

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